Is your home too big for you?

Let us help you find your fit

Living in a home that’s too big, with bedrooms you don’t use, could be costing you more. Through our Room TO Move scheme, we can help you find a home that’s the perfect fit for you. Here’s how you could benefit.

Pay less rent

You could save hundreds of pounds a year in rent by moving to a home with one less bedroom. Rental charges are based on the size of your property so you could be paying for space you don’t need.

Save on fuel bills

Bigger houses cost more to heat. By going smaller, your fuel bills will be less and your home could feel warmer.

Less space to manage

Another downsizing advantage is having less rooms to clean and maintain. So, if you’re struggling to manage your home, a smaller property could make your life easier.

Financial help

There’s an urgent need for larger family homes in our communities so we’re able offer a financial incentive to downsizers. You could get between £1,000 and £2,500 depending on the size of your current home. This money can be used to pay for removal fees (which typically cost around £300 plus VAT). Any rent arrears that you owe will be deducted from this payment.

Access to our handyperson service

Once you’ve moved in, we can help with things like tiling, putting up shelves and fitting blinds. A skilled professional from our handyperson service will spend a day in your home sorting and fixing to help you settle in. Or, if you prefer, you can pick a tradesperson of your choice and we’ll pay up to the value of £250 plus VAT for their work (we’ll need a quote from the tradesperson within 28 days of your tenancy start date).

Support with your move

We’ll work with you and the local authority to find a home that better suit your needs, in the area where you want to live. Our team will support you through the paperwork process, to make it as hassle-free as possible.

Let us help you find your fit.

Call us on 0330 100 0272 or email:

Working to provide services for everyone

An update on our approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We deliver services to a broad range of people – from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and with different abilities and beliefs. At bpha we celebrate the diversity within our communities, and we’re committed to understanding the different needs of our customers and employees.

To strengthen our approach in this area, we’ve set up two groups to focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I). The strategic group is responsible for setting policy while the operations group is tasked with delivering policy objectives through detailed action plans.

New policy developed

The groups have been running for just under a year and work began with the development of a new approach to ED&I. Following consultation with residents and employees, an updated policy has been developed which will see us create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

Out of the policy, we’ve developed a workplace action plan which focuses on employee inclusion, and a customer-facing action plan which will help us support the different needs of our residents.

Key areas of the customer-facing action plan include:

  • understanding our residents and their needs – by improving the customer diversity data we hold, identifying residents who may be willing to share their experiences and supporting diversity in our communities;
  • reviewing the services we provide and giving information to residents that’s easy to access and understand – by using our customer data to help shape our services and determine how we produce information, and to also encourage everyone to get involved in activities and opportunities that can make a difference to their lives;
  • creating accessible ways for all residents to get involved – by finding out how residents want to be contacted and linking this to the customer data we hold on them, and promoting diversity through resident events, articles and communications;
  • working with partners – by creating links with a wider range of community groups, collecting local community data and celebrating the diversity in our communities.

We’re now beginning to deliver these actions and further updates will be published in Talk and on our website. We also hope to be able to have more events and face-to-face contact with you later this year.

They say that every dog has its day

And today that dog is Tee who has been crowned Top of the Pups in bpha’s first ever Big Pet Competition.

Smiling her way to victory, and after beating of some tough competition, Tee has scooped her owner Leesa a fantastic £50 shopping voucher just in time for Christmas!