Staying safe in your home

Did you know that we have a dedicated team of volunteer Resident Inspectors who are themselves bpha residents?

Their role is to contact those of you that have had repairs and maintenance carried out to see if all went well during the work and if there is anything you think should be done differently next time.

Recently they’ve received feedback from you saying that our contractors don’t always wear their ID badges, meaning it’s hard to see who they are or which company they work for.

This is just a reminder to make sure you always ask visitors to your home to identify themselves by showing a photo ID or badge which clearly states who they are and who they work for. We expect all of our employees and contractors to clearly display their ID badges when visiting you. All bpha visitors will always adhere to current coronavirus guidance when visiting your home.

Alex Liburd, bpha’s Head of Property Services, said: “Keeping our residents safe is of the upmost importance and as such all of our contractors and staff are required to carry identification with them when visiting your home. This should be presented to you as they arrive."

“If you haven’t seen the visitor’s ID, please ask to see it before allowing them into your home. If you’re ever in any doubt about whether a visitor is genuinely working on behalf of bpha, please call us to confirm their identity before letting them in.”