Spread some happiness

We currently have hundreds of over 55s living in our Retirement Living communities across the region.

Every week we produce a newsletter for each community and use it to share lots of useful information with our residents, some whom are not able to get out and about as they used to.

During lockdown we know that many of our residents are feeling lonely and have found themselves very isolated from the world outside their front door. And this is why we’re asking for your help.

Do you have any artists, writers or poets at home? Are your children creating millions of masterpieces a week? We’d love to include some of your artwork in our newsletters and have already asked bpha colleagues to share their creations.

If you have a picture, poem or something else creative you’d like to share then please take a photograph of it and email it to talk@bpha.org.uk – we’ll then include it in our weekly newsletters and you’ll be helping spread some happiness.

And finally...

There’s no denying that coronavirus has meant that communities are coming more closely together than they may have for decades.

There are heart-warming stories popping up on the news and social media sharing acts of kindness, local residents supporting each other and millions of rainbows and teddy bears popping up in houses across the country.

We’d love to hear your stories of community spirit so please share what you’re doing, how you’re supporting friends and neighbours and photographs of your own outside works of rainbow art.

To get in touch please email talk@bpha.org.uk so we can let other residents know what’s going on out there.