Please respect your neighbours

It’s important to us that our residents live together in a community of respect and tolerance. Yet during these unique times we’re very aware that lockdown might make this more challenging than normal.

Late last year we shared information about our approach to Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and the things we can and can’t tackle on your behalf.

For more information about how we’re able to deal with ASB and the other agencies available to support you please visit our website.

We’re still moving new residents in

While much of the world has paused during the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve continued to work hard to provide homes for those people who have been allocated one of our properties.

Our Allocations team have adapted their processes to fit with the social distancing guidance. And, by bringing in things like electronic rather than paper sign up packs, have been able to ensure that people are able to move in despite current restrictions.

For more information about what we’re doing differently visit our website.