Residents urged not to light bonfires during lockdown

The recent rise in bonfires has had a devastating effect on families and the elderly across the county.

Out of control garden bonfires either from their own garden or a neighbour, have meant that properties have been engulfed by flames and forced those living there to leave their home at an already difficult time, and move in with family or into temporary accommodation. The burning of household waste doesn’t just effect homes. The increase in air pollution it causes impacts those already experiencing breathing difficulties as well as those that may be recovering from COVID-19.

Councils and fire services across the region are asking all residents to compost. Where this is not possible to keep hold of their waste until it is able to be disposed of safely and legally. This will not only protect people’s health and homes, it will also prevent unnecessary pressure being put onto the emergency services.

For more information on composting and its environmental benefits you can visit the Eden Project website.

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If you have concerns about smoke from neighbours setting bonfires on a frequent or regular basis, please contact your local District or Borough Council.