What you say matters

Over the last year we’ve collected lots of feedback from over 2000 of our tenants and residents about what you think of our services.

Thank you to everyone who got involved. In our quarterly telephone survey, TouchPoint, we asked you about the value for money you get from your rent and service charges, how we listen to you and keep you informed, and about our developing digital services. In our annual email survey, Business Benchmarking, sent on our behalf in February by the Institute of Customer Service, we asked you about your satisfaction with your most recent experience of dealing with bpha in terms of how likely you would be to recommend bpha, how often we get it ‘right first time’, how much effort it takes to deal with us and how satisfied you are with bpha overall.

Over the year you’ve told us that our rent and service charges are fair, and that you’re satisfied with billing, the ability to interact with us in the way you prefer and the helpfulness of staff. You have also told us we have some work to do around listening to you, particularly in terms of keeping you updated about issues you have raised with us. As a result of this feedback, we have already started calling those of you who have just moved in to your new home to check how things are going and to see if there is any more information or advice we can give.

We need you!

We are keen to work on areas where we have not performed as well as we had hoped and have identified some areas we would like to focus on. In the coming months, we will be looking to recruit customers to get involved in ‘task and finish’ sessions. These are small, interactive groups, where you give your feedback in a friendly and open environment to help us improve specific service areas. Please keep an eye out for further information about how you can get involved in helping shape our future services.

Give us your ViewPoint!

We value your feedback and if you haven’t already, please join our online portal that gives rewards in exchange for your opinion! For further details and to sign up visit our website.