Please keep aware of the two-metre guidance

We’re continuing to work hard and ensure that all of our communal areas are regularly cleaned and sanitised. Our team of caretakers and cleaners are disinfecting things like door handles, stair rails and lift buttons frequently to clear germs and make areas safer for our residents.

While they’re busy doing that please can we ask that you continue to follow the government guidelines on social distancing. It’s important that you:

  • Keep at least a two-metre distance between neighbours and bpha staff
  • Allow room for people to enter or leave a building before doing so yourself
  • Make sure that you only travel in lifts alone or with another member of your household
  • As an extra precaution, as well as maintaining social distancing face coverings can also be worn when inside.

By staying alert and following the guidelines we will all work together to control the virus and save lives.

Some of our communal areas will remain closed

The health and safety of those living and working in our Retirement Living Communities is of the highest importance. And while we’re eager to get back into our schemes on a more regular basis we’re also conscious that social distancing is likely to be a requirement for quite some time to come.

We will continually review our approach, making sure that any changes we make ensure the highest level of safety for our residents and the Retirement Living Team, but for the time being the following restrictions will apply until further notice:

  • Indoor Communal Areas (including dining rooms, where applicable) will remain closed
  • Hairdressers and beautician services (where applicable) will remain closed
  • Guest room will not be available for bookings
  • All group events, including resident meetings, are suspended.

We will continue to observe social distancing guidance for as long as necessary and we would like to encourage our residents to do the same. This means maintaining a social distance of 2 metres and only meeting with family and friends in an outdoor environment. In schemes where we have outdoor communal space, these will be open to residents, however we urge everyone to consider others and ensure that social distance is maintained.

As Government guidance changes, we will make adjustments to our approach and we will keep you informed.