Cover your contents with ‘My Home’

While bpha insures the structure of your home through buildings insurance, we don’t insure your personal contents.

It’s your responsibility to make sure your possessions are covered in the event of an incident such as a fire, flood, theft or accidental damage.

Making sure valuable items like TVs, mobile devices, computers and jewellery are protected while they’re in your home, gives you peace of mind. You might think that nothing will happen to your belongings, but the unexpected can happen.

We can help you get contents insurance at an affordable price with a special scheme called ‘My Home’, arranged through the National Housing Federation. The scheme lets you pay either fortnightly or monthly by cash at a post office or Payzone outlet, or monthly by direct debit.

What’s covered

This insurance will cover most of the contents in your home for fire, theft, vandalism, water damage and other household risks. It also covers replacement of external locks if your keys are lost or stolen, as well as the contents of your freezer.

Find out more

To find out more about My Home, contact our Money Advice team by emailing

Tips this Christmas

Protect your belongings from theft this Christmas with a few simple steps:

  • Leave a light on when you’re out
  • Keep presents and valuables out of sight
  • Open and close curtains at the appropriate time of day (or ask a neighbour to do this for you)
  • Don’t advertise that you’re away from your home on social media

Be a bird-feeding hero

Enjoy nature up close this winter by creating a bird feeding sanctuary in your garden. Helping birds, especially during the colder months, can be as rewarding for you as it is for them. It’s a great way to learn about our feathered friends and to teach your kids too.

It doesn’t cost much to set up either. You could start with a couple of hanging feeders, available from your local pet shop or garden centre. They’ll attract robins, goldfinches, house sparrows, tree sparrows and greenfinches. Or go for a bird table and you’ll see collared doves, thrushes and dunnocks feasting on the food you’ve provided.

As well as buying ready-made bird mixes, you can also put out sunflower seeds, nyger seeds, barley, cooked rice and uncooked oats. Always keep feeders and tables clean so the birds stay healthy and disease-free. And position them away from bushes where predators might be lurking.

Birds love fresh water too. Add a bird bath and you’re sure to attract some regulars to your garden – who’ll no doubt be singing your praises!