Learn, laugh, live

Get involved in your community

Right across our neighbourhoods in the East of England, communities are getting together to celebrate, support each other, have fun and learn new skills. There are regular events and activities taking place each month, from baby groups and youth clubs to walking clubs and picnics – and many of them are led by local residents.

Getting involved in local events and activities benefits everyone. Meeting new people, sharing experiences or lending someone a hand can be very rewarding, and a boost to your self esteem.

So have you explored what’s happening in your neighbourhood? You can find out by joining local Facebook groups, checking notices in local shops and community centres or asking your neighbours what they’re doing.

At bpha, we’re always keen to support residents who want to organise an event or start a new group. If you have an idea, we can offer practical support to get you up and running. And we might be able to give you some financial support through our ‘Cash 4 Your Community’ grant. This grant, of up to £250, could go towards the cost of promoting your event or buying equipment. To find out more, contact our Community Development team by emailing communitydevelopmentteam@bpha.org.uk or phoning 0330 100 0272.