Bag it and bin it!

As the weather starts to hot up, it’s more important than ever to keep bin store areas clean and tidy. Dumped, loose waste creates an unpleasant smell and can attract vermin and insects.

Here are some tips on keeping bin store areas safe:

  • Make sure rubbish is put in a strong bin bag, which is tied up and not overfilled. Bags must go inside the bin and not on the floor around it. As well as attracting unwanted visitors, refuse collectors won’t be able to take the rubbish away if they can’t access the bins.
  • Put waste in the appropriate bins. If you have access to a recycling bin (e.g. for plastic, tins, paper or cardboard) adding general waste will contaminate the contents. Refuse collectors won’t empty a contaminated recycling bin.
  • Don’t leave large, bulky items such as sofas and mattresses by the bin stores. The refuse collectors won’t take them away.

If bpha has to arrange for a bin store area to be cleared, this can cost around £200. This is an unnecessary cost which could be recharged to residents and leaseholders as part of their service charge. It’s important that everyone takes responsibility for dealing with waste in the right way.

If bpha has to arrange for a bin store area to be cleared,this can cost around £200.

More on fly tipping

If you have a bulky item that’s still in good condition, you could:

  • Ask friends or family whether they’d like to buy it or take it for free.
  • List the item on social media or an online selling site – either for sale or for free – and ask the buyer to collect it.
  • Contact a local charity such as Reuse, British Heart Foundation or Emmaus, and ask if they can collect it for free.

If your item can’t be repaired or isn’t fit for use, you should arrange for it to be collected by your local council. The average cost for the removal of up to five items is £30. If you’re concerned about the cost, why not ask a neighbour if they need something collecting and share the cost with them? Alternatively, take your item to a rubbish tip. To arrange a collection, or locate your nearest rubbish tip, visit your council’s website.

If there’s a reason why you’re struggling to put rubbish into the bins, please get in touch with us.