with money

we can help

Finding it difficult to pay your bills or confused about what benefits
you can claim? bpha has a dedicated service that can help.

The Money Advice team offers a free and confidential service, and can help by:

  • checking eligibility for a range of benefits
  • helping you apply for benefits, assisting where benefits have stopped and representing you at benefit appeal hearings
  • giving advice on budgeting
  • advising on how to manage debt and deal with creditors
  • helping with insolvency procedures.

The team’s manager Amanda Ryan said: “Money is tight for a lot of people at the moment and sometimes a bit of advice can make all the difference. Some of the customers we’ve helped haven’t been claiming the benefits they’re entitled to. Others have had their benefit stopped because they haven’t provided a simple piece of information. We can help with all of that – as well as giving advice on budgeting and dealing with debt.”

Contact bpha’s Money Advice Team to see what difference we can make for you, or call 0330 100 0272.

We’ve helped hundreds of you this year

Assisted 895 households

Fed 139 people through Bedford foodbank referrals

Brought in £204,600 in Housing Benefit and Discretionary Housing payments

Dealt with debts on behalf of clients totalling £940,664

Helped tenants claim £51,700 in disability benefits

Assisted tenants to gain an additional £409,000 in welfare benefits

Identified £698,000 in additional income from benefit calculations

Prevented 33 evictions, each saving an average of £9,000

Accessed grants for 13 brand new cookers in Cambridgeshire

“I really appreciate you taking the time to advise me on my benefit entitlement…I feel like a weight has been lifted.”