Pay, report and track –
do it all in one place,
24-hours a day.

The MyAccount self-service portal is the easiest way to do business with us. It’s a
24-hour online service, which means you can access your account whenever you want.

Since its launch three years ago, around 10,000 of you have registered for MyAccount. If you haven’t signed up yet, take a look at our handy ‘how to’ guide and register today.

Getting started – how to register

  1. From page, click the ‘Log-in’ button to open the portal.
  2. Click ‘New User’.
  3. Enter an email address, password and a memorable word, and submit your registration.

Pay your rent and view your statements

  1. Click ‘My Account’ or ‘Online Payment’ on the side menu bar.
  2. Use the ‘My Account’ option to view and print rent statements, and to order a rent payment card.
  3. If you’ve selected ‘Online Payment’, follow the on-screen instructions to pay your rent.

Remember: You’ll need your rent payment card and debit card to make an online payment.

You can also pay your rent on the bpha App, which you can download via the Apple App Store and on Android.

Report and track repairs

  1. Click ‘Request Repairs’ or ‘Track Repairs’ on the side menu bar.
  2. If you’ve selected ‘Request Repairs’, follow the on-screen instructions to tell us about your repair.
  3. Next, click the ‘Submit’ button. A member of our team will process your request and get back to you.
  4. If you’ve selected ‘Track Repairs’, use the table to see all of the outstanding and completed repairs registered to your home.

Contact us - send a message, report anti-social behaviour or give feedback

  1. Click ‘My Messages’ or ‘Anti-Social Behaviour’ or ‘My Feedback’ on the side menu bar.
  2. If you’ve selected ‘My Feedback’, check the ‘compliment’ or ‘complaint’ option.
  3. Type in what you’d like to tell us.
  4. Click the ‘Submit’ button.
  5. A member of the bpha team will get back to you.

Update your information

  1. Click ‘My Details’ on the side menu bar.
  2. Select the item you’d like to check or change.
  3. Click the ‘Update’ button.
  4. Enter your new details.
  5. Click the ‘Update your details’ button to save your changes.

Forgotten your password?

If you’ve forgotten your password or memorable word, simply click the forgotten details link on the log-in screen.

Follow the instructions and click ‘Submit’.

If you’re having trouble logging in, call us on 0330 100 0272.