“I live alone;
but I don’t feel alone”

Ann Moxham had always enjoyed her independence but after a series of falls at home, things started to change. The 79-year-old former receptionist found herself in a residential care home, worrying about what the future might hold.

“I’ve always been active. But after being diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, which causes weakness in my legs, I was becoming more and more unsteady. I was living alone in my privately-owned apartment when I began to have falls. I knew I couldn’t cope on my own anymore,” says Ann.

After one particular fall, Ann was admitted to hospital and then referred to a residential care home for respite for two months. “I knew it wasn’t safe for me to go back to my apartment but I didn’t want to stay in the care home either,” adds Ann. “I missed my own space and the freedom to do what I wanted.”

Independent again

Ann’s social worker looked for other options and suggested a place at Sir William Harpur House – our purpose-built extra care scheme in Bedford. Ann explains: “I looked round the scheme and loved it. With 24-hour support and friendly staff on hand to help, I knew I’d be able to live there on my own. I chose a large

one–bedroom apartment with a walk-in shower and private balcony.”

After moving in, Ann had a carer for the first two weeks and, gradually, her mobility improved. She says: “Fourteen months ago, I was really struggling and didn’t think I would get my independence back. Now, I walk to the shops, travel on the bus and go places with my partner. I’ll be 80 in October and I’m looking forward to celebrating my birthday with the staff and residents.

“Living here has really helped my recovery. I can do what I want but I know I’ve got support if I need it. The difference is that while I still live alone; I don’t feel alone. And that’s so reassuring.”